Tuesday, May 8, 2012

trying not to go crazy about it

So, I am officially "not dieting" at the moment.  Due to ongoing annoying persistent illnesses of various types (stomach flu, bronchitis, menstrual cramps,) I have decided to nourish my body back to health by eating healthfully, rather than knocking it down and commanding it to lose weight already.  Maybe it's the start of one of my "self healing new-age phases."

This annoys my husband.  No, I still have not read "The China Study."  Instead, I am reading "Energy Medicine," and trying to clean out my chakras.  I think it might even work, I mean, if I didn't have kids who yell and need to be driven everywhere and who need to eat all the time, and then get changed in and out of various uniforms, like, if I could actually get some rest, yes, it might even work.

Not dieting is challenging.  Because then I may say to myself, "Hey, I'm not dieting, I can eat that."

But I can't eat that, really I know that.  Sometimes I find my stomach growling and dizziness approaching, because I've waited so long to eat something.  Because it's almost easier to just not deal with food, than to figure out what to eat that will not make me gain weight after this damn low carb "diet."

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